Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Things We Love About Our Current House

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kolbe. Like, ever.

Our transitional house has lots of awesome things: this trampoline being a favorite by far.  Since it's been such a mild winter, we've had some opportunity to use it.

There's also a jacuzzi tub in the Master Suite.  I am really going to miss that when we leave.  And the Roku/the flat screen TVs; those too!


We're also grateful for the large yard to play outside and the ample space inside.  Well, Fulton's not crazy for the outside.  I think he'll enjoy it more when he can walk and his poor little hands aren't on the cold ground.  He also hates hats.  Winter is not his friend.

This guy is a great Dad.

Albeit an exhausted one.

 The boys also love all the nooks and crannys in this house.  Everything is a "tree house" to Kolbe: the landing on the stairs; the small space between the couch and the wall in the living room; underneath the coffee table.

We have so much to be grateful for.

The Latest in Commissioned Art

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kolbe Walks

Below is a video of Kolbe's first attempts at walking.  This was the kid who couldn't sit up for the first seven months of his life; after that, he seemed to grow at leaps and bounds.  Here he's walking with the singing dinosaur; one of the purchases I made for Liam and had already seen better days by the time Kolbe used it.  It was either well loved or well abused... probably both.


This was taken about a year ago: it's so true, time flies! Fulton wears the PJs Kolbe has on in this video.


Blast from the Past (II): AKA more videos

This video, taken when Liam was about two and a half, encapsulates well the space we were in as well as Liam's toddler penchant for destruction.  David had quit Target and was cutting down trees; Liam was wearing the camo pants I love and playing/destroying trains.


In the second video, David tried to recreate a spontaneous scene from a bit before: when asked what Mommy says, Liam screamed, "WATCH OUT FOR KOLBE!"  It kind of failed here, but David's sweet fatherhood is worth watching again.   He's such a good Dad.


I love this one too.  We had just had Sue Pitra over to watch the election of Pope Francis on EWTN Live: our excitement that day was tangible.  I had never seen an election before and since Pope Francis was such a surprise we really reveled in the choice of the Holy Spirit.


Last one for the day:  Kolbe used to love to play underneath our table: I'd forgotten that.  In this video, he's about Fulton's current age.  He has four teeth in it but for the longest time he only had three (just like Fulton now), which made us choose the Monster Max toy for his birthday: Max had a similar lopsided smile.  Time really does fly in hindsight!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Blast from the Past

I had no idea that these videos were hidden away on the computer! They're amazing and so deserved to be saved for posterity. 

This one is Liam singing, as he called it back then, the "ABCD song."  Taken sometime between April and July 2013.


Fulton walks!

We think that Fulton's foray into the bipedal world will be sudden and certain, much like his stair-climbing capabilities.  (We literally just noticed one day that he had gotten himself to the top of the stairs.  He hasn't looked back.  In fact, he's finding ways to defeat the gates and guards on the stairs.) 

Anycase, Fulton has a walker, which he occasionally uses.  He prefers, however, to just stand up and see how long he can stay there without any help; sometimes, he'll take a step or two.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Kolbe: Love you!
Me: Love you guys.  Sleep with the angels, rise with the saints!
Liam: You do that too!