Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Kolbe: Love you!
Me: Love you guys.  Sleep with the angels, rise with the saints!
Liam: You do that too!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Doing the Will of God"

This is today's reflection in the Magnificat.

God has a great plan also in what we call the unexpected.  It isn't unexpected to God.  He planned it from all eternity.  There is no happenstance in life, certainly not in the spiritual life.  So often we say, "Oh, I didn't expect that to happen!" Well, God did.  We could think, "Oh, that is what caused everything to go wrong," but actually that is what is supposed to make everything go right.  There is nothing unexpected in all of creation.  There is a plan in what we would call the unexpected.  Wasn't the Incarnation the most unpredictable thing that could ever have happened?  God has his whole master plan for each of our lives, for the community . . . . for the Church, and we should delight to remember that nothing should ever take us by surprise, except the wonder of God's plan.

Our Lady was certainly not expecting the Annunciation, and the whole plan of redemption was most unexpected to humanity--the whole idea of it, that the Father's divine Son, himself God, should become man, should be incarnated through the agency of this young, unknown girl in a city of which someone was to say, "Can any good come out of that little place?" What was more unexpected? This was the whole plan.

--Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Indoor Activities

While we stay at our friends' house (we're in the midst of a strange housing transition), all their toys are up for grabs.  We do try to clean up, but I think half the joy for them is in the destruction.

Also: notice the Frozen poster.  The boys haven't seen the movie, but Kolbe did develop an abiding love for Elsa.   When he first noticed the poster he got a goofy grin on his face, almost like he was forgetting where he was.  It was the funniest thing, watching a two year old fall in love.

This happens nightly.  Kolbe grabs a large bouncy ball and a plastic gun.  "Pitch to me! Pitch to me! Play baseball!" he begs his dad or me.  He's actually pretty good: batting an average of at least 20%.  Not bad for a two year old repurposing a gun.

Commissioned Art

Liam's artwork has been getting very good: actual shapes, lots of smiley faces.  K is still in the scribble stage, but he's just as eager to name everything in his drawing (even if they all look the same).

It must be above zero here...

It's been a gorgeous few January days around here so the boys and I have been getting outside.

After taking them to the park this morning, I put the baby down for a brief nap and let the older two boys play by themselves outside.  They were so sweet! They laughed and chased each other around for about half an hour; rosy cheeks and goofy wrestling.  It was an absolute joy to watch.

Our friends have a trampoline.  Hello heaven!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


A couple of days ago, a fellow FUS alum passed away, leaving behind a pregnant wife and three children.  The sorrow I have felt--as someone who didn't even know Paul Coakley-- is already being drowned out by the desire to be a better wife, mother and daughter of God.  I'm grateful for his example: he's bringing me back to God.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Them Boys

Par for the course, they're absolutely nuts.  Liam, at almost four and a half, wants more than anything to go to school, write letters, and rule justly over his siblings.  He loves to draw, play superheroes, shoot bad guys (sometimes the baby is a "bad guy") and boss people around.  He is an extreme extrovert and loves to chat it up. "You know what I'm thinking, Mom?" is a frequent phrase, often followed by the phrase, "does that sounds like a plan?"

His latest plan is to paint our van with Robin and Batman and "the Tricker."

Kolbe Bear. His WORDS are starting to be out this world.  For a long time, he would just babble, the only coherent parts of his speech the intonations at the proper points.  Now, he's a talker just like his brother.  It's so funny to see what parts of Liam's directions he decides to follow and what parts he decides to throw out the window.  If Liam declares that he doesn't like a certain food, then Kolbe is out on it too, even if it has been happily munched on up until that point.  If Liam tells Kolbe how to color his picture, however, Kolbe riles right up. 

He is deathly afraid of the dark, closed doors, and monsters, so he's been sleeping with a big light on for the past few months.  He refuses to sit for photos but loves to take selfies.

Fulton John Ignatius (the name must be sung in Gregorian-like chant for the full effect) is so big! David and I often wonder and remark where our little baby with Fulton went.  Yesterday I caught him at the second to last stair, carrying one Hot Wheel in his mouth and another in his hand.  I think he was going up to visit his brothers during nap time.  He, like Liam, is so extroverted, but, unlike Liam, so sanguine and easy going.  He will just smile and laugh all day long . . .  and then do what he wants.  He pulled down the Christmas tree at my parents' house, will put anything from the floor into his mouth and has an extreme obsession with cords (the first of our babies to have that).  I think he shocked himself once too.  He's beginning to babble, is strong and steady while standing and can walk with his walker.  Our only concern about him is a possible lazy eye, which we're getting checked out next week.